Cyber Rating as a service

We reduce the cyber risk of your exposure 

Business interruption

Visualize the major vulnerabilities which could interrupt and strongly jeopardize your business

Non respect of contractual commitments

Meet the security requirements of your clients and partners 

Image and reputation damage

Preserve your image and reputation which could be damaged by hackers

Non respect of compliance

Identify lacks of compliance with your regulatory obligations (ex: GDPR)

Continuous cybersecurity analysis

Application vulnerabilities
Ecosystem monitoring
Data leackage

Lack of conformity

Why choose mycybereyes?

  • A label (“MCE Rating”) that attests to your level of security
  • In the cloud management of your vulnerabilities and action plans
  • No agent installation
  • No false positives
  • Immediate implementation
  • Online communication with support
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A modern solution designed and developed by the best cybersecurity experts

MyCyberEyes complements your ad hoc intrusive audits
Immediate integration of new known vulnerabilities
Real-time alerts
Our R&D team develops new security tests and controls
Real-time security level indicator for vulnerable platforms and services on the Internet
We issue a label (MCE Rating) attesting to the level of security in relation to third parties

A solution approved by our customers

My Crowd Company

Finally, a Cyber Security service adapted to a startup’s budget


With Mycybereyes, I have the solution to check my security level between pentests

A simple offer adapted to your challenges

Identification of your vulnerabilities
Corrective measures to be taken
Access to your personal Dashboard

We are also available to perform manual intrusive audits for your company

Our references

Sectors monitored
    Discovered vulnerabilities